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Atomic Lab is where I find the artistic freedom to let the music wander in broad directions, channeling my creativity and my influences in pieces that reflect a lot of my personality and everything I like musically. It's a great pleasure writing lyrics and songs and even greater to be a ble to play them and take this music to other people. It's a way to externalize emotions, feelings and desires. It's a way of bringing people together. It's away to get closer to the Divine.

Atomic Lab

In the big city of Sao Paulo, fast and tumultuous, two musical souls gather and all they wish is to sound off. The duo was created in 2014, creating new and unexpected interpretations of big hits and rock and pop music classics. Secretbox is comprised of Debora Sanna, Italian singer, and Michel Moe Pereira, songwriter, guitarist and singer from Sao Paulo.


Starting their activities in 2015, the band Moesketeers works as backup to singers and artists who wish to take their projects to the stage or the studio and make them happen. Producing shows from the repertoire, to the arrangements, setlist and execution, provides invaluable support to the artist that wants to make a project viable but does not have a band to make it come true.

Michel Moe Pereira - musical director, guitar, voice
Lennon Fernandes - bass, voice
Vikk Nascimento - drums, voice

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